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Visit our showroom at Agean to view options of Moen bathroom and kitchen faucets, shower heads and additional accessories.


shower fixture

beauty inspired by environmental sustainability

Mission Moen is our promise to protect and preserve the world's most precious resource — from the water that runs through our faucets, to the streams, rivers and oceans of the natural world.

We created Mission Moen to help protect and preserve water, so we don’t have to imagine a future without it. Since 2020 we’ve helped save over 178 billion gallons of water through our product innovations alone. Changes like that are how we plan to save 1 trillion gallons of water by 2030, all while helping you enjoy it more.


At Moen, we design for water to celebrate its power and beauty, but also to protect the water of tomorrow. Enjoy beautiful experiences with water while effortlessly saving more each day with our water-efficient products.


If those 1970s faucets and showerheads aren't doing it for you, no need to fret. You can replace both with the stylish bathroom fixtures you admire, giving your new bathroom an instant facelift.

While it might seem tricky to change out a faucet or showerhead, it's easier than you think and only involves a few tools. Let's have a look at all your new-and-improved fixture options that are totally DIY-friendly:

fixtures make all the difference

superior quality

Not all faucets are created equal - some are simply made better than others. Look for faucets constructed of copper, brass and other high quality materials. These faucets will usually give you superior looks as well as performance and durability. And while you may pay a bit more for a quality faucet, here's where that old adage comes true, because when it comes to plumbing products, you really get what you pay for.

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